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Boudoir | nude photography is one of the ways that you give yourself and your loved one a special gift, make memories, discover your inner and outer beauties, get out of your comfort zone and accept your body as it is. It can be also a therapy to find peace with yourself and embrace your body. To know more

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Participating in workshops is the fastest way to be skilled because you can learn from our experiences. On April 8, ByC will organize a workshop on nude photography. Learn more!

Work hard, Play harder

Nearly 2 months after Tung, the founder of the Greto.Talk radio channel, contacted me, a podcast about nude photography was broadcast.



We received an international certificate for the photo I took. The photo entered the top 11% of the best photos out of a total of 11,246 entries in the international photo contest with the theme “Body line" organized by 35awards. And I entered the top 14% of the best photographer out of a total of 2827 photographers from 101 countries

“She said" exhibition, held in Fuhoo Coffee from Feb. 22 to March 20, 2023, presented the pictures taken by ByC.vn from 2019 until now. Each picture tells a story about a woman base on our conversation before or during our photoshoot. Learn more

Nude photography and tattoo open talk is an event where we talk about doing taboo things but still respect Vietnam tradition and culture as we are considered having strict view on nude photography and tattoo here. Read more



Display discovers the bare essentials

Despite the initial shock and confusion from her friends and family, Nhung continued to pursue her passion and was eventually…

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Display discovers the bare essentials


Everyone is so familiar with the n.u.d.e photo that the models are all beautiful and it becomes a standard. But Nhung ByC.vn doesn't like that!!! During the shooting process, she discovered that these stereotypes (usually through the eyes of male photographers), made most women feel self-conscious and lost in seeing their body's beauty properly. And so her "take picture to rescue" journey began. Women, and even men, come to her for explanations, to get rid of the body, to regain confidence and strength in a prejudiced society.

Twee Oiii is also one of the "victims" who were rescued. Only after meeting Nhung for the first time, Thuy was freed from her past pain, decided to become a professional nude model, and to live a life that devote herself to the art.
What about tattoo artist HXU? By looking at her photos, he realized that it is not enough just to have a beautiful tattoo, but also to realize where to put the tattoo to enhance more the beauty of the body. Yesterday was a very cozy talk show that opened up a lot of hope for the new year. Thank you to Ms. Nhung, model Tweeoiii mc Nhi, HandXam team and brother Manh Vu together to create a successful event.
Handxam, Hanoi

When you're talking about an example, you're surely talking about Nhung.

As a woman, as an artist, as a sister. Nhung left an emotional impression on me today after my first ever Collab with her with hopefully many more in the future.

Her good intentions, gentleness throughout the shoot. I think by now in life you're somewhat so used to be burned by people, especially by another woman speaking from my perspective being a young female.

That you don't expect anyone can so easily be kind to another person unconditionally.

But then there are people like Nhung... Nhung not only has eyes for beauty, a taste. Her work is

She portrait a personality, capture images you can't find anywhere but from Trần Hồng Nhung herself.

She wants to help, she wants to tell a story, and then she has got some amazing stories to tell.

She's one of the change.

Find her on gram ByC.vn and look forward to our future Collab. Let us blow you away x

Twee Oiii, Hà Nội

Original text from fb Twee Oiii

"I have known nude photography for a long time and I had a lot of prejudices about it. But at a difficult time in my life, I came across Nhung’s post about nude photography in a women's support circle. For the first time, I realized a very different angle from what I've known before: a nude photo can be both proud, liberal, and at the same time warm and so tolerant. Sometimes the power of connection and understanding can't be measured when people need it most. From that moment, I wanted to be able to recount a journey that I experienced in a set of nude photos.

“What is femininity for me?” That's the question I've been asking myself since I realized that I was born as a girl. Is femininity the roles that society dictates? And if I don't meet society’s expectations, will I be less of a woman? I have gone from wondering to even denying and rejecting what belongs to the femininity.

When I finally can feel and connect to my inner self, I also can feel and connect to the world and tiny things around myself, and I consider it a gift. Then the answer gradually appeared, clearly and vividly. Connect with my intuition, allow myself to be real, vulnerable, but most importantly, nurture beliefs and hopes in the world is how I express my femininity. I chose to tell my story that way.

And I will always remember the joyful day at the end of April 2022 when I was walking on the journey full of beautiful sunlight to Nhung’s studio - the day I let go of my hesitations and fears to be seen naked and whole in front of the camera for the first time."

Thu Hiền, Hà Nội

"I'm a person who loves and respects myself, so when I decided to book a nude photo session, I was quite excited. Shooting nude is not to show off my body for others but it's simply the way I love myself more.

The first session was more difficult than I imagined because I rarely stand in front of other people's lenses. However, after being guided, I also gradually got used to and knew how to interact with the photographer more. Also thanks to Ms. Nhung knowing how to choose beautiful angles, the outcome pictures are satisfactory. My 35 years old has been kept in the most authentic and beautiful way.

I took 2 sets of nude photos, each with a completely different background. I think Nhung is very creative and knows how to choose the context to describe the beauty of my body. This also bring the excitement to the model in general and for me in particular.

I also really like the color of the pictures taken with the film. It feels very real and more soulful.”

Phương Thảo, Hà Nội

The brochures I printed are extremely good quality and I am always really impressed with the standard of work which is produced, especially as the team are always able to meet very tight deadlines. I would highly recommend them for any professional printing work.

Carly Balmforth, UK

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