My name is Nhung, founder of ByC.vn. I was born and grew up in the peaceful Hanoi city, Vietnam.

When I was a child, my father had a darkroom at home. Every time he developed a film, he allowed me to go with him. The room was totally dark. And when he turned on low light, I saw in his tray of “water” many happy faces with big smiles slowly appeared. My father didn’t take pictures anymore after few years, but those days with him in the darkroom were becoming my precious childhood memory. Sometimes, I thought I didn’t remember it, but it has been there, and it’s still there until now.

It took me years to finally take pictures in December 2016 with a Sony camera, but I think my photography journey has started since the day my father took me to his darkroom.

Few months after I bought my first camera, a friend asked me to take nude pictures for her. I was considering it as a challenge and I wanted to make her happy, so I accepted. After the session, she was so happy with the resultand I sometimes took nude pictures for my friends. But I was only serious with nude photography from 2019 after I bought my first film camera in July 2018. 

Living in digital time and in a country where people are not very open with nude photography, I understand that it’s not easy for me to pursue nude photography by the film, but I still love the analog way to cherish the beauty of human form, especially the woman, give them a way to do what they want to do, show them another view on their body, let them know that they are beautiful and brave, and somehow help them to be more confident and help myself to be more confident too.

Besides nude photography, I also work as a graphic designer and in printing as well.


Respect the difference of human body and personality.


Bring nude photography close to people and give them a voice to say what they want to say and a way to self discover and development


March 19- April 2, 2022: Participate in the exhibition “EARTH BODY BLOOD WATER" in Hanoi. This exhibition became an extremely powerful collection of voices to protest femicide and gender violence; ecocide and environmental destruction. The exhibition has gathered the participation of many domestic and foreign artists.

February 24-March 31, 2021: Participate in the exhibition “Everyday beauty” within the framework of Ortigas Festival 2021 held in the Philippines.

March 2021: Appeared in the graduation thesis of a group of journalism students with the content “Nude photos: the boundary between art and objectionable".

December 2020: Was honored as the Photographer of the Year in the film photography category by Born In Film, Philippines, voted.

March 2020: Was invited as the guest on the first broadcast of Film Factor Broadcast on the topic of “Shooting nude photos with film cameras"

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