• Who can be a model?

Everyone who is 18 years old and older loves this type of photography or wants to try something new.

Whether you’re thin, you’re fat, you’re tall, you’re short, your hair is short or long, your skin is white or dark, you are single or married, you are a mother or not,… anyone is welcome here.

  • Why I should book a photo session?

There are many reasons to book a session, and each of us has our own reason. Some book a session because they like to be the model, some want to celebrate an important stage in their life, some consider it a challenge, some take it as a gift for themselves or for their lovers, others see it as a way of self-discovery and healing. So if you find above reasons suitable for you or you have your own idea, you definitely should book a session.

  • I’ve never been a model before and I don’t know how to pose?

Don’t worry, we will work closely with you to find the most appropriate way to make you feel comfortable during the photoshoot. We also will guide you for posing or we can go with your ideas, your mood to make our photoshoot work in the best way.

  • Where can a nude photo session be taken?

It should be a private space like a home, studio or homestay. Depending on the idea and content of the photo shoot, we can choose a suitable location. The cost of the photo session will include the cost of shooting at the studio or going to a private house in the districts of Tay Ho, Hoan Kiem, Hai Ba Trung, and Dong Da. In case the private house is located outside of the above districts or taken at a homestay, you are kindly requested to pay an additional travel and/or homestay renting fee in addition to the cost of photography.

  • How will a photoshoot take place?

First, we will work on the idea of ​​​​the photoshoot and this is completely free.

After that, we will choose a date and place to take pictures. The photo shoot will take place within 2-3 hours including preparation time.

After the photo shoot, picture will be sent to you via email within 3-7 days. In case you’d like to print the pictures, you will inform us of the pictures that you want to print, we will process it and deliver it to you or you can pass by our place to take it.

During the photo shoot, there will be only you as the model and me as the photographer. The shooting space will be completely private and follow the principles of the photo shoot as below:

  • Principles of the shoot:

The person who book a photo shoot must be over 18 years old and ByC is allowed to check the guest’s ID card to ensure this content is compliant.

The inappropriate language such as flirting, joking about private life, teasing sexually related or inviting physical contact from any party: the photographer or customer… is not allowed.

Touching the body is not allowed.

In case you are accompanied by someone, please do not take pictures with phone/camera during our photo session.

When any of the above rules are violated, the photo shoot will be immediately stopped and all costs of the photo session will be borne by the party violating the rules.

  • Image protection rights:

We guarantee that your images will be well protected. No images will be used without your consent.



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