Woman day

I usually don’t celebrate 8 March because I’m a woman so every day is woman day for me and I actually cherish it every day.

When I was a little girl, I was told that a girl wasn’t allowed to do this thing or that thing, only boy was allowed to do it. So, there was a time I wished that I could be a boy.

When I grew up, people talked about gender equality. And they still talk about it today. They said that woman can go outside and work like a man so we can be financially independent. Sounded very nice until we realized that they forgot to say that a woman can live like a man not only outside but at home too. And it was suck. Because woman has to work like man but she still needs to be a woman at home and in bed. So suddenly she has to complete a lot of things: work, take care of all family (including kids, husband, in a lot of case, husband’s family too) and has to fuc.k even she is so tired because that’s her role.

I can say that it’s not gender equality at all.

So, what’s gender equality for me?

First of all, man (or man’s life/work/whatever) shouldn’t be a criteria to. judge/compare/measure anything, especially life of other people. They have their life and we have our life.

Secondly, everyone deserves to live the way they want to. I’m a woman and I don’t want to live and work like a man. I want to live and work with all my woman energy and potential:







Happy Woman (Every)day

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