Both nude photography and tattoo are body art. But while tattoo is openly accepted by society, nude photography is still subject to social prejudices. The question is how can nude photography be more openly welcomed and tattoo doesn’t only tell a person’s story, but also be part of culture evolution?

To find answers to these questions, and Handxam tattoo co-organized an open talk with positive and cultural perspectives. The event was honored to welcome many attendees from a variety of professions and nationalities who share a common interest in nude photography and tattoo art. Among them, there are people who have never had a tattoo or never taken nude pictures of themselves before. In addition to talking and exchanging point of view about nudity photography and tattoo art from a cultural perspective, the participants also learned about stories behind the photo that ByC exhibited at Handxam Studio and lively watched Mr. Hung Le, tattoo artist at Handxam Studio, sketching a Vietnamese traditional bronze drum design on the shoulder of model Twee Oiii.

The main activities of events was as below:

– Open talk
– Introduction of nude photography 
– Live Body painting with the special guest Twee Oiii

Introduction of organizers and special guest:

Officially established in 2020, the aim of ByC was to become a photo story teller and cherish the beauty of the human form, especially for women; give them a way to do what they want to do, show them another view of their body, let them know that they are beautiful and brave, and help them to be more confident.

Besides nude photography, ByC offer graphic design and printing services.

Handxam Tattoo Studio:

Established in 2016, HandTat Tattoo has shaped a style that is friendly, elegant and honors the beauty of the body. With a combination of modern tattoo design and traditional painting, Handxam wants to bring traditional art closer to the tattoo art-loving community.

Model TweeOiii:

Twee Oiii is a young model living in Hanoi. With her great love for art, Twee Oiii always finds different creative ways to tell stories, thereby conveying humanistic messages about self-awareness and society. Besides being a model, Twee Oiii also finds her passion about digital art, especially digital illustration.
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