A Spring Day

When I was a child, I was often told that Spring is the season of hope because it is the beginning of a year, the trees grows up again after a cold winter. For a long time, I felt the same way. I was so happy to recognize the subtle change of season from winter to spring in the Lunar New Year moments, and I also felt the joy of family gathering and ritual meals prepared by my mom and dad.

As time goes by, I grow up. I don't see spring as a season of hope anymore. Every morning when I open my eyes to wake up I just feel so… depressed because the sky is gray for many days, the air is humid, bacteria multiply non-stop, work is stuck because everyone is not in the mood to work after the Lunar New Year holidays. I started to question why is Spring called Hope while it’s not in reality? The joys of family reunion are no longer the same and it cannot make up for the humid atmosphere of Hanoi's environmental pollution. During those grey days when my mood is really so bad, I think of doing something to light up my days, something bright and cheerful… and I look back at the photo series “A Spring Day”, then I see the light shines through the glass, the beauty of a healthy body. And yes, it does light up my gloomy spring days. The set of photos was taken by me and a friend, on a sunny spring day in 2019.

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