It's not (all) about love

I believe that I am living in a period of great change. About 20 years ago, teenagers were taught by their parents that it was necessary to keep distant from people of the opposite sex, that even if they liked each other a lot, they just had to express their feelings throught their eyes… Even for adults, physical intimacy was very delicate and especially, sex happened only between couple.

Today, everything changes, sex suddenly dominates and is present everywhere: in the relationships of couples, friends, colleagues, or strangers. And it can be so many things: affection, pleasure, liberation or emotional connection, etc. It's hard to tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing. But what I've observed is that people living in this transition are often caught between what they were educated on and what is actually happening in life. They may think when they have sex with someone, there is something between them, but in most of case, there’s not. As a result, they got into a lot of trouble and got hurt.

The series of photos is inspired by a real story I heard, and is named: It's not (all) about love

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